Soapy new-ness

Woo! My shampoo bar arrived this week – and I know, this is only exciting news to me. But – hear me out.


In one of my other posts, I mentioned that I wanted to give shampoo bars a shot. They’re essentially bars of soap for your hair, and as such there’s no bottle to get rid of. This bar came in paper packaging, so completely Zero Waste.

The other upside is they have fewer ingredients, and the stuff that is in there is more naturally occurring. I’ll have to do some more research into environmental benefits, if there are any. The ingredients are listed in the photo below.

Anyhoo, I tried out the bar today and so far so good 🙂 It lathers up well and cleans really well – definitely still need the conditioner afterwards. I’ll update in a few weeks to see what the longer term effect on my hair is.

This one smells good and isn’t girly at all, so is unisex, which is nice. Why don’t you use the discount code FIRST10 and grab one for yourself? Their website is, or they have an Etsy shop. Let me know how it goes!