Who Gives a Crap? No, really!

This post is to share with you some awesome progress I’ve made toward my Zero-Waste bathroom. I hope it inspires you.

A little while ago, someone on the Facebook group A Week Without Plastic shared a link to a toilet paper company called Who Gives a Crap, and as I had been looking for a way to buy loo roll without all the plastic wrapping, I clicked the link hoping for the best.

As you can see from their home page (go on, click it! do it now!), they don’t do things by halves. Their products are available in bulk, wrapped in paper and shipped in cardboard. AND the products themselves are made from recycled paper. AND they donate half their profits to charity to help provide toilets for those who don’t have access to one.  So, on this basis I purchased a box of 48 standard loo rolls and a box of 6 kitchen rolls (I know I’m trying to avoid paper towels altogether, but sometimes they’re a necessity).

The parcels took about a week to arrive and I was charged some shipping (the drawbacks of living in Jersey), but my expectations were far, far exceeded. Cost-wise, they’re a smidge more expensive than Co-Op, but it probably works out the same as name brands.

I had accepted that the quality probably wasn’t going to be as good as other recycled rolls (Co-Op’s offering, for example). Turns out, this stuff is softer than Andrex in my opinion, it’s lovely!

Also, the packaging is delightful – funny, pretty, informative and very re-useable. They suggest that you use the wrapping to wrap breakables in a move or even as wrapping paper for presents (albeit small ones).


So, to conclude – Who Gives a Crap products are great, buy them.

In non-toilet related news, I recently returned from the UK where I came across a Lush shop. I was pleasantly surprised to find they stock a lot of Zero Waste goodies, some of which I bought from the staff recommendations:


  1. Tooth Fairy tooth power (tooth paste replacement).
    I bought this on the recommendation of the staff in the shop and also because you can return the box to Lush for re-use. Perfect product right? Wrong. I had my suspicions about the side effects of these types of tooth power, and having checked it with my dentist he compared it to brushing your teeth with sand, and doesn’t recommend brushing with it once a week, let alone 2-3 times a day. It’s for occasional use for staining or deep-cleaning.
  2. Buffy Body Butter (scrubby shower soap)
    Smells great – fairly neutral/unisex, packaging is recyclable and leaves your skin baby-butt smooth. Love it.
  3. ‘Elbow Grease’ Moisturiser bar
    Neat idea – moisturiser without the bottle. Great so far, but a good idea to keep in the fridge in summer, as it can melt a bit!
  4. Hair conditioner bar
    I have only used this once, but I’m not a fan so far. It doesn’t lather, so it’s a bit tricky to get enough of, and seems a bit heavy for my hair. Early days though, maybe I’ll find the knack for it.
  5. Deodorant bar
    Pretty much the same stuff you get in the twisty-tubes, just without the packaging. Works so far, but I’m not sure how well it’ll hold up at the gym!

Lush deliver to Jersey and the other islands around the UK, so give it a try and smell delicious in the process.

I’m really proud of my little achievement here, and while I’m stuck with some evils (toothpaste tubes for example) – I’m nearly there!

Got feedback? Questions? Suggestions you want me to try out? Let me know 🙂




1 Week Later..

Last week I set myself a challenge to limit the waste I personally produce to 1 litre. And, I’m proud to say, I have!


I kept the jar on my desk at work and took it home each evening, to keep my goal in mind and remind myself to refuse, reuse and recycle.

I got rid of the bin at my desk at work and replaced the kitchen bin with a much smaller 12l one. If you can’t just chuck something out, you think about it more. No more ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for me.

I managed to recycle most things and what’s left went in the jar:


I know, I know, there’s a lot of drugs in there, but I recently had dental surgery so I went through antibiotics, painkillers and specialist mouthwash. So, they were really more of a one-off disposal. I’m fine now, in case you were wondering!

There’s a couple of monthly contact lens packs, a greeting card wrapper, the window from a confectionery box, a jar lid, some storage packaging, old tights and an ice cream wrapper – because it was a nice day and I couldn’t resist!

I should say though, the contents of the jar isn’t the only waste my household produced. I didn’t include shared waste like milk cartons or food scraps. Still, the household only got through about 6l of rubbish this week, which is a big reduction.

I’m not showing off my trash for fun – I wanted to make you think about the rubbish you get through in a week, and how easily you can avoid most of it.

I’m going for 2 weeks next, and I would love to see you try to make a dent in what goes in your bin. Think what we could achieve if everyone did.

1 week = 1 jar

This week I’m taking a page out of this lady’s book and trying to get all my rubbish in a single jar….for a week that is. Baby steps, people.

I don’t think I’m quite at the point that I can squeeze everything for two years into a jar, but that’s the goal. In the last year I have at least halved the amount we throw out, but there is more to be done! To give you an idea of the limitations, I’m using a 1 litre mason jar which looks like this:


I’m hoping that I can stretch this for two weeks or maybe even a month. I’ll update in a week’s time to show the progress I’m making and hopefully inspire others to give it a try.

It can be really tricky to lower the amount you throw away, but it is so worth doing. Take a good look at what’s in your bin next time you throw something away and ask yourself ‘is this sustainable’?

The other upside of this challenge is the health aspect. By having to reduce my waste so much, it means no more chocolate bars, crisps, or anything else which comes in packaging I can’t recycle. Looks like it will be more fruit, veg and protein, which might just lead to losing a few pounds and will definitely make my diet healthier.


Think I’ll make it? Have any questions? Suggestions? Let me know!

Soapy new-ness

Woo! My shampoo bar arrived this week – and I know, this is only exciting news to me. But – hear me out.


In one of my other posts, I mentioned that I wanted to give shampoo bars a shot. They’re essentially bars of soap for your hair, and as such there’s no bottle to get rid of. This bar came in paper packaging, so completely Zero Waste.

The other upside is they have fewer ingredients, and the stuff that is in there is more naturally occurring. I’ll have to do some more research into environmental benefits, if there are any. The ingredients are listed in the photo below.

Anyhoo, I tried out the bar today and so far so good 🙂 It lathers up well and cleans really well – definitely still need the conditioner afterwards. I’ll update in a few weeks to see what the longer term effect on my hair is.

This one smells good and isn’t girly at all, so is unisex, which is nice. Why don’t you use the discount code FIRST10 and grab one for yourself? Their website is www.gknaturalcreations.com, or they have an Etsy shop. Let me know how it goes!






The Big Spring Clean

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this! I also can’t believe I dropped the ball in not keeping it up, but I didn’t fall off the wagon completely.

Between a new job, new hobbies, holidays and getting engaged, I have managed to reduce the rubbish my household makes by quite a lot.

During my recent spring clean, I thought more and more about my Zero Waste goals and how I can get better. I have been signed up to various blogs and sites to gather ideas and I’m really inspired by the recent Zero Waste Jersey initiative. So, I have decided to continue my little project online and to share it with you.

I thought for a long time “who really cares what I have to say?”, but I really care about this amazing planet and I truly believe there is a better way to live. If I can persuade even a few of my friends to go a little greener, then it’s all worth it.

Going Zero Waste is really simple and quite easy when you know how. It’s just that our current way of life is dead-set against it, it’s completely opposite. I mean, how many people really think about where their rubbish goes? It’s out of sight, out of mind. For somewhere as small as Jersey, it’s disgraceful.

So, here are the changes I’ve implemented over the last year, that hopefully you can take something away and try it yourself?

  • Recycling bins at home (so much more incentive than a mixed bin!)
  • Re-usable pens at work and home (I invested in a few gorgeous fountain pens and a few bottles of ink)
  • Smarter purchases – only buying goods that have recyclable packaging, where possible
  • Take your own bags and boxes shopping for fresh produce
  • Replacing air fresheners with plants
  • Using bio-degradable cleaning products
  • Buying my baking supplies from the grocer instead of the supermarket
  • Using a bamboo toothbrush (update – dentist says my teeth are fine!)


With that said, I have more ZW goodies on their way, and there’s more progress to be made! Thank you for reading 🙂

Fuzzy little squares 

My make up remover pads finally arrived! 

I am super happy with them, they’re so soft. I tried one out this evening to take off some light makeup; mascara and eyebrow pencil. The cotton pad took off the makeup just as well as the disposable kind, and has much more surface area, so you only need one per day. 

They come in a little cotton bag with washing instructions and this adorable note came too, I love the personal touch. You can get them here in a bunch of styles 😀

You may be wondering whether my hippy-tastic bamboo toothbrush has given me splinters yet. Nearly 2 weeks in and it’s pretty great. No splinters, no disintegration of any kind. I also really like how it looks on my bathroom shelf. 

Next stop…shampoo bars 🤔

The Bathroom Swap 

I have decided to step up my game and start replacing my bathroom supplies…eek! 

So far, it’s looking manageable and I have ordered a bamboo toothbrush (panda-friendly 🐼) and some reuseable cotton face wipes. My next move will be a shampoo bar and DIY face masks…won’t that be a picture. 

I’m not going to lie, feeling like a bit of a hippy right now!