1 Week Later..

Last week I set myself a challenge to limit the waste I personally produce to 1 litre. And, I’m proud to say, I have!


I kept the jar on my desk at work and took it home each evening, to keep my goal in mind and remind myself to refuse, reuse and recycle.

I got rid of the bin at my desk at work and replaced the kitchen bin with a much smaller 12l one. If you can’t just chuck something out, you think about it more. No more ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for me.

I managed to recycle most things and what’s left went in the jar:


I know, I know, there’s a lot of drugs in there, but I recently had dental surgery so I went through antibiotics, painkillers and specialist mouthwash. So, they were really more of a one-off disposal. I’m fine now, in case you were wondering!

There’s a couple of monthly contact lens packs, a greeting card wrapper, the window from a confectionery box, a jar lid, some storage packaging, old tights and an ice cream wrapper – because it was a nice day and I couldn’t resist!

I should say though, the contents of the jar isn’t the only waste my household produced. I didn’t include shared waste like milk cartons or food scraps. Still, the household only got through about 6l of rubbish this week, which is a big reduction.

I’m not showing off my trash for fun – I wanted to make you think about the rubbish you get through in a week, and how easily you can avoid most of it.

I’m going for 2 weeks next, and I would love to see you try to make a dent in what goes in your bin. Think what we could achieve if everyone did.


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