1 week = 1 jar

This week I’m taking a page out of this lady’s book and trying to get all my rubbish in a single jar….for a week that is. Baby steps, people.

I don’t think I’m quite at the point that I can squeeze everything for two years into a jar, but that’s the goal. In the last year I have at least halved the amount we throw out, but there is more to be done! To give you an idea of the limitations, I’m using a 1 litre mason jar which looks like this:


I’m hoping that I can stretch this for two weeks or maybe even a month. I’ll update in a week’s time to show the progress I’m making and hopefully inspire others to give it a try.

It can be really tricky to lower the amount you throw away, but it is so worth doing. Take a good look at what’s in your bin next time you throw something away and ask yourself ‘is this sustainable’?

The other upside of this challenge is the health aspect. By having to reduce my waste so much, it means no more chocolate bars, crisps, or anything else which comes in packaging I can’t recycle. Looks like it will be more fruit, veg and protein, which might just lead to losing a few pounds and will definitely make my diet healthier.


Think I’ll make it? Have any questions? Suggestions? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “1 week = 1 jar

  1. I think you’ll make it of course! I have noticed as well when reduced the size of my “bin” (that now is a repurposed old 1L yogurt bucket) we actually reduced our trash. That’s been our bin for 2 weeks now and i must say, the first week it seemed it was hard to close but this second week we noticed by the end of the week was just half way… We were proud of ourselves!

    Looking forward to your update! 💚


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