The Big Spring Clean

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this! I also can’t believe I dropped the ball in not keeping it up, but I didn’t fall off the wagon completely.

Between a new job, new hobbies, holidays and getting engaged, I have managed to reduce the rubbish my household makes by quite a lot.

During my recent spring clean, I thought more and more about my Zero Waste goals and how I can get better. I have been signed up to various blogs and sites to gather ideas and I’m really inspired by the recent Zero Waste Jersey initiative. So, I have decided to continue my little project online and to share it with you.

I thought for a long time “who really cares what I have to say?”, but I really care about this amazing planet and I truly believe there is a better way to live. If I can persuade even a few of my friends to go a little greener, then it’s all worth it.

Going Zero Waste is really simple and quite easy when you know how. It’s just that our current way of life is dead-set against it, it’s completely opposite. I mean, how many people really think about where their rubbish goes? It’s out of sight, out of mind. For somewhere as small as Jersey, it’s disgraceful.

So, here are the changes I’ve implemented over the last year, that hopefully you can take something away and try it yourself?

  • Recycling bins at home (so much more incentive than a mixed bin!)
  • Re-usable pens at work and home (I invested in a few gorgeous fountain pens and a few bottles of ink)
  • Smarter purchases – only buying goods that have recyclable packaging, where possible
  • Take your own bags and boxes shopping for fresh produce
  • Replacing air fresheners with plants
  • Using bio-degradable cleaning products
  • Buying my baking supplies from the grocer instead of the supermarket
  • Using a bamboo toothbrush (update – dentist says my teeth are fine!)


With that said, I have more ZW goodies on their way, and there’s more progress to be made! Thank you for reading 🙂


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