The Bathroom Swap 

I have decided to step up my game and start replacing my bathroom supplies…eek! 

So far, it’s looking manageable and I have ordered a bamboo toothbrush (panda-friendly 🐼) and some reuseable cotton face wipes. My next move will be a shampoo bar and DIY face masks…won’t that be a picture. 

I’m not going to lie, feeling like a bit of a hippy right now! 


One month later, here’s what I’ve learned…

A little over a month ago I decided to make a significant change to my shopping and dietary habits by ditching unnecessary waste, that is, the stuff that can’t be composted or recycled.

How hard could it be?

Well, very, actually! Unfortunately I didn’t meet my goal of a carrier bag of waste for the month. It was more like a bin bag. Still, that’s much less than normal. Continue reading