Zero Waste: What is it and why do it?

I set up this blog to document my experiment with the Zero Waste lifestyle and hopefully provide some useful tips to others in my situation. A Zero Waste lifestyle is one where you aim to generate as little rubbish as possible with the 3 R’s: ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’. It’s doing your bit for the planet, learning new skills and being a little less materialistic. At least that’s my understanding.

Basically, I have become more and more alarmed at the amount of rubbish we go through in my household, let alone the community in general. I have come across amazing people online who have managed to get their rubbish down to a jar or a carrier bag full for a whole year or more and thought ‘how hard can it be’?

The way my project differs from others is that I live on a small island (Jersey) and I live in a flat. Most of the tips I have come across online while researching this is all about composting in the garden, or bulk buying. What if you don’t have ready access to all of that? That’s where it’s going to get interesting for me.